“I am the Lord, your God. You shall not have any other God other than me…. I am your provider and protector, you shall not take up arms against me…. For six days you shall labour and do all your work…. You will not represent language in a written form…. but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments.” – Excerpts from Vade Mecum

There is no real restriction on choice of class. Below is flavour to guide you on your choice and does not affect any game mechanic.

Cleric, Avenger, Invoker & Paladin

Religions other than the Cult of the Shadow is outlawed. As such many people “revere” old nature gods and spirits but generally even this is regarded as against the law and is a guarded secret. Drawing spiritual power from the Gods is not limited; however, divine intervention has been limited due to the magical potential of the Dark Lord. Necromantic powers are generally more prevalent due to the proximity of the plane of shadow.

Fighter, Rogue and Warlord

Learning of any martial art or sword play is outlawed unless you are part of the Cult of the Shadow. Carrying a weapon is outlawed which generally means that travel outside of settlements is difficult due to the unpredicatable countryside. Merchant protection is usually given from the Cult of the Shadow but most of the time they do not deem it economically viable to send their best men and sometimes resort to other methods to ensure protection.


Learning to read and write is outlawed. Casting of magic is outlawed. Only sanctioned wizards are allowed to learn to read and study magic in efforts to further the Dark Lord’s domination of the material world and extend his reach extra-planar.

Warlock, Bard & Sorcerer

Magic spellcasting is more commonly through innate ability rather than in a learned manner. This makes Warlocks and Wizards more commonly found than wizards.

Druid, Barbarian, Ranger, Shaman & Warden

“Barbarian” classes feature strongly in the world due to the fringe minorities going relatively unchecked in regards to how they conduct themselves. Policing and law generally extends only to the settlements and extermination and enslaving reserved for the rest. Training in these abilities tend to follow families through the generations, from father to son.


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