Shadow Sword

Episode 1
History Awakens

A party comes to the small town of Villaine, in the corner of the empire. Soon, it will be the 250th aniversary of the coronation of the Dark Lord and Villaine has been chosen out of a few towns in the area to hold the festival to celebrate the event.

Everyone will be there: Baron Guy de Lusignan, the Noblesse de Cloche, and a last minute addition, Legate Silas a consilleur d’Etat. Three very important people who are also three very evil people. This event will enjoy a grand parade by the finest soldiers in the Cult of Shadow, courtesy of the Legate and a good old fashioned book burning. All of the festivities have been paid for by the townspeople from extra taxes this month.

Several weeks ago, your resistance cell received a very important package. Contained within a light wooden chest there was a flag along with a note. The flag, when lifted out, was white with a red cross and bore many holes and bloodstains. Not coming from this area, you did not immediately recognize it. The note, sealed with the emblem of the Harbinger, was addressed directly to you.

“Friends, you hold in your hands the flag of St Denis. From history, you may or may not know the story of the Siege of Bretane. At the end of the second age, when the Dark Lord’s power was at its greatest a huge battle was fought at Bretane. The enemy were many and the defenders were few. In the final hours of the battle, when hope was weak, St. Denis rode down from the heavens with a firey sword and slew tens of thousands of the Dark Lord’s men. The townspeople rose up and sucessfully defended the city. This was the last time divine intervention was witnessed. Since then, it has become a beacon of hope that many of the towns people in this area still hold dear in their hearts. My hope, and your mission, is to instill the people into rising up and defeating their evil masters. On the night of the aniversary, raise the flag over the old chapel roof and signal to the people the coming of St Denis and swift punishment to the oppressors. Hopefully, they will rise up and defeat the enemy, and on the night of the aniversary it will send a great message to the surrounding areas and right to the Dark Lord himself.”


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